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Utility Contractor Parts
Over 65 Items!
Tuesday, June 22, 2021 - 6:00 PM
E1026 State Road 170, Downing , WI

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Utility Contractor Parts


Over 65 Items!




Discover a wide variety of items, including:


Reels: K-Dee Steel Framed Cable Reel Trailer, Duraline 1 1/4" Tubing on Reel


Hardware:Thimble Eye and Straight Bolts, Pallet of Telecommunications Hardware, Telecommunications Clamps, Tote of Various Brand Configuration Stations, Channell Broadband Poly Telecommunication Enclosures, Bosch Hammer Drill and Case, CommScope Fiber Optic Splice Cable Enclosures, Alpha XM Series Transformers and Inverters, Totes with Q Span Clamps and Copper Ground Rod Clamps, Boxes of Preformed False Dead End Galvanized Steel Strands, Box of Seal Fabricators


Cables: Approximately 19 Pounds Copper Wire, Partial Spools of CommScope Optical Cable, Partial Spool of CommScope Optical Cable, Pallet of Various Cable and Tubing, Partial Spools Fiber Optic Cable, Full Spool and Two Partial Spools Telecommunications Cable, 




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