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Paint Shop Liquidation
Over 150 Items!
Thursday, June 17, 2021 - 6:00 PM
W6529 Cedar Street, Medford, WI

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Paint Shop Liquidation


Over 150 Items!




Discover a wide variety of painting items, including:


Paint Items: Industrial Global Finishing Solutions Paint Booth, Painting Racks on Stands, Painting Racks on Stands, Graco Promix Easy Plural Component Proportioner, Stanza Simple Spray 300 Sprayer with (2) 12" Wide Conveyer Belts, Pneumatic Paint Guns, Dedoes RJ Thrift-O-Matic 16-Place Paint Mixer, Paint Drying Racks on Rolling Cart, Graco Agitator for Paint Barrel, Sherwin-Williams 55 Gallon Drum of Paint, & More


Excess Paint: 5-Gallon Bucket of Sherwin-Williams Black Paint, 5-Gallon Pails of Sherwin-Williams SP99 Black Paint,  5 -Gallon Pails of Sherwin-Williams Polyurethane Light Hardener, 5-Gallon Pails of Sherwin-Williams Polyurethane Base Coat Pigmented Black, & More


Shop Equipment: Schrader Bridge Port 120 Gallon Air Compressor, Magliner Aluminum Walk Ramp, Global Finishing Solutions Heavy Duty Exhaust, Homemade Down Draft Table, Metal Shop Table with (2) Grinders, Baldor Electric 2 HP Farm Duty Motor,Jet 6000 LB Pallet Jack, Metal Framed Shop Table with Wood Top,  & More




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